Rip Raps

Strong-arm Thieves Guild


The Rip Raps control much of the eastern end of Old Korvosa and are expanding into North Point. They focus their activities on picking pockets, burglary, protection rackets, paying their dues to the Cerulean Society and attempting to expand their territory. They are currently at war with the Black Birds and are actively sending crews to work jobs in that gangs territory.

Ruano – The leader of a Rip Raps crew. A Varisian boy. A climber and a pick pocket.
Skender – A charismatic Varisian boy who gets the Rip Raps out of a number of jams simply by talking. Throws a mean dagger.
Nicinniana – A Varisian girl who is a mute, but is a master of the flute. She is an untrained bard who’s spells are channeled through her music. A fabulous pickpocket.
Drulia – A Chelaxian girl. A demon saved him from abuse by his father, and has channeled those arts since. Ruano’s love interest.
Tauranor – A simple Chelaxian boy who carries a large club and is very protective of the rest of the gang.
Vachedi – A shape shifter, a druid perhaps. The scout of the group.


Rip Raps

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